Seattle's Only Authentic Brazilian Cuisine

Tempero Do Brasil, the oldest Brazilian restaurant in Seattle, has been satiating countless taste buds for 16 years. Owners Antonio and Graca Ribeiro brought their specialty Brazilian coastal fare to the Pacific Northwest when they founded Tempero in 1999 along with business partner, Bryant Urban. Graca has an inherent passion for feeding people and embarked on her culinary journey at the tender age of seven while her husband Antonio fondly remembers his young days when helping out his mother in the kitchen on Sundays led him to discover a new found love for cooking. 


 Located in the heart of University District, Tempero Do Brasil offers a lot more than good old Brazilian dishes. The cozy, comfortable and warm atmosphere will transport you straight to the state of Bahia in Brazil. Brightly colored walls adorned by vibrant artwork, the aroma of Brazilian spices and the family-style aura of the place will make your meal a memorable one. 


Pure Brazilian Bliss In Every Bite


Tempero features classic Brazilian fare with a touch of African and Portuguese influence. The flavors are rich, savory and perfectly blended, making their food hard to resist. The secret to their recipes is hand picked ingredients simmered in coconut and palm oil.



Come in today to relish Quiabo Frito, deep fried okra with a shrimp and peanut sauce, or ask for the Chef’s favorite Moqueca, a hearty seafood stew. If you are adventurous, pair your entrée with Caipirinha, the signature Brazilian drink. 

The Ribeiros believe that food brings people together. They do everything to make the ambience pleasant, friendly and perfectly welcoming and ensure that their customers have an incredible dining experience. Treat yourself to an evening of flavorful, traditional and home-style Brazilian food, regional drinks, samba and live music with your loved ones. Tempero Do Brasil is guaranteed to leave you stuffed and make you come back for more.


The Samboroso Hot Sauce

The Ribeiros have a unique and flavorful salsa-like hot sauce. With hints of onion, garlic and lime, the sauce has been praised by loyal fans for not only containing a kick, but delivering a mouthful of exciting flavors.

Learn more about the sauce here.